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The possibilities are timeless



MoNoa Photography covers all disciplines within photography, including but not limited: Commercial Purposes - Children - Portrait and Interior photography.


Please contact us so we can inform you of the many possibilities.
MoNoa Photography works off the idea that we are only satisfied if the final result fully meets your expectations and wishes.



Monica van der Maden is the driving force behind MoNoa Photography.







A strange name? No, Mo you can guess, and Noa was the name of my first dog.

For many years I photographed dogs and other pets with enthusiasm, passion and joy, both in my spare time and as a professional.
I'm always looking for an image that is a step beyond the most usual photos in dog photography.

Pets, and especially dogs, are really my passion and my life. That is why I can say that photographing your pet has become my specialty.
It would be nice to also like my portfolio, and would like a personal meeting with any information about the possibilities.



Pets photography doesn’t seem difficult, however, to capture your pet full of life,  and still capture his / her character and personality is recognizable to you as the owner, it is indeed a specialty which governs every photographer.

I give you the guarantee that you’ll be  satisfied with beautiful pictures of your pet

The great advantage of working with my pet, is that I have learned from the four-years training as "behavioral dogs" in Barneveld ( Holland ).

Because of this I am one with your pet, so that your pet quickly be at ease with me. This is a prerequisite for the ideal picture as you and I have in mind






MoNoa Photography has already won several awards and publications in various professional journals at home and abroad.


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